Building Better Cities According to 4 Urban Experts

What might cities in the Global South look like in the future, and what will it take to turn ideas into reality?

This question is tackled in a blog on the Huffington Post by’s Josephine d’Allant.

In the blog, Josephine picks out four urban innovators who are making a difference to cities in some way. Alex Atala, the dynamic Brazilian chef, and speaker at the NewCities Summit 2013, is one of the experts profiled. Josephine comments:

Alex Atala is one of the world’s top chefs and a pioneer of using Brazilian ingredients in haute cuisine, but he also directly influences his native São Paulo with his activism around innovation and education, local food systems, and access to culture and play for all city residents. At the 2013 New Cities Summit in São Paulo, Atala talked about the need to create greater opportunities for young people — to provide the education and resources that make innovation possible.

Watch a video of Alex Atala speaking at the New Cities Summit here: