How Can Cities Embrace Urban Wellbeing?

June 15, 2017 — Blog

To truly thrive, cities must increasingly become ecosystems of health and wellbeing, where each part works towards one goal: improving people’s quality of life. Old cities are being refashioned and recast as havens of wellbeing, while new cities are more and more placing people’s wellbeing at their heart from the earliest stages of the planning process.

How can cities, old and new, embrace urban wellbeing? NewCities brought together NewCities Summit participants and speakers for a Tweet chat to talk through some of the key issues in urban health and wellbeing.


1. What defines a ‘healthy city’?



2. What are the greatest challenges rapidly evolving in urban health and wellbeing?



3. How can the ‘smart city’ promote wellbeing?



4. How can different stakeholders cooperate to build healthier cities?



5. What are some of the best wellbeing practices we see in cities?



6. Can cities become labs for change, especially in the areas of urban wellbeing and health?


For our full NewCities Summit Tweet chat on urban wellbeing, click here for Questions 1-3 and here for Questions 4-6.

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