The world around us is changing as never before. In the face of an unprecedented global crisis, our cities – and how we move about them – cry out for rapid rethinking. We need a world of mobility that better serves our cities and their citizens — not just a recovery that returns  to the old status quo: we need, in short, A New Deal for Mobility, and that’s why CoMotion is convening key global urban and mobility leaders to answer the call.

The world around us is changing like never before; in the face of a crisis, our cities – and how we move about them – cry out for rapid rethinking. That’s why CoMotion is convening the world’s foremost mobility and urban players to answer the call at CoMotion MIAMI LIVE: The Playground for Emerging Mobility.

This June 16 & 17 represents a unique opportunity for community, business and technology leaders to come together to design the future of urban mobility. Connect and interact with global mayors and policymakers, leading technologists, public transport operators and venture capitalists, start-ups and established players at CoMotion MIAMI LIVE.

This year, special attention is being given to key focus areas such as Autonomous Vehicles; Curb, Smart Infrastructure and Ridesharing; Urban Aerial Mobility; and LATAM y la Revolución de la Movilidad Urbana.

We’ll be broadcasting these sessions live to the world – and making select content free to view – to encourage the entire field of mobility to come together as we reemerge from this time of crisis. We need new solutions, new thinking, and brave challenges to the status quo, to ensure our urban world emerges from this moment with smarter, faster, and more equitable mobility systems.