Connected Commuting

April 23, 2017 — Projects & Programs

Commuting is a major source of stress and frustration to city-dwellers. We set up a Task Force in San Jose, California, to investigate how social networking commuter applications impact the commuting experience. Collaborating with Ericsson, the San Jose Department of Transportation, the University of California Berkeley, and two commuter apps, Waze and Roadify, we studied the real-time exchange of information among commuters via these apps to better understand how to improve the urban commute.

Key Findings

  • Connected car commuters are happier than unconnected commuters, not only because they are receiving timely information, but also because they are sharing information and helping others
  • Connected commuters avoid stress by reducing the unpredictability of their trip through access to real-time information
  • User-generated data submitted by app users can be valuable in helping cities regulate and manage traffic