Designing for Trust Initiative

How is trust driving the sharing economy in cities?

Trust is radically changing the way urbanites consume products and use services. Yet, remains  a little understood phenomenon that holds the potential to help companies and policymakers build valuable urban services.

NewCities has launched a new research initiative Designing for Trust: Security, Privacy and Collaborative Consumption to examine trust as an unexplored pillar of the sharing economy and its impact on behavioral patterns in cities.

Research will be led by Nina Teng, a Graduate Researcher at Oxford University and a Senior Fellow at the NewCities Foundation. Ms Teng will notably look at the impact of collaborative consumption on social trust in cities. The final report will be launched in April 2019.

The Designing for Trust research initiative is supported by Esurance and NestAway Technologies.

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For more information about the NewCities Designing for Trust research initiative, please contact Olivia Onderdonk, Deputy Executive Director & Director of Research and Events at NewCities:

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NewCities Launches Major Research Initiative on Trust as Driver of Sharing Economy

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