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ENGIE is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services. With 170,000 employees, customers, partners and stakeholders, they are committed to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Together, we collaborate on Housing, Mid-Sized Cities, and Climate issues. 



Investing in a Decarbonized Urban Economy 

We know that climate change poses the single greatest threat to our health, livelihoods, and cities. But how do we unravel the many pieces of our economies and industries that are deeply intertwined with unsustainable, carbon-heavy methods that brought us here in the first place? We sit down with leaders who focus on transforming infrastructure and accelerating the transition toward thriving, sustainable economies.

Cities on the Hill: Building the Communities We Need

“Cities on the Hill” explored the issue of climate displacement from an urban planning and design perspective, with a strong focus on community. Where will people move and at what scales? The panelists addressed how we can structurally prepare for migration on many levels, while continuously returning to the question: What makes a resilient city?

We Need The Big Rethink: Decarbonizing the Hard Way

On this episode of The Big Rethink, we explore the opportunities provided by COVID-19 to set a precedent that accelerates global climate action. We’ll discuss why denser cities are more energy efficient, the chicken or egg dynamic between political will and clean energy technology, the importance of a unified global response, and why we need to prioritize the most vulnerable.


New Urban Champions 

ENGIE powers our New Urban Champions initiative, created to showcase the most successful, but less frequently told stories of collaboration, growth, and problem-solving happening in cities that deserve a greater share of the spotlight. To do so, the Learning Expedition brings together 30 to 35 participants to a host city, showcasing its innovative solutions and challenges for a 2-day immersive program. 

NewCities Summit 2017 –
Global Connectivity and the Success of Cities

Second, third and fourth-tiered cities will absorb most of the new urban population, and will therefore hold a great role in their national economies. How can we increase their connectivity to other levels of economy? What challenges do these cities face in accessing global markets? What is the impact of greater connectivity on a city’s planning, infrastructure, economy, and attractivity?


New Forms, New Functions, New Options: How Technology Enables New Models For Housing

“New Forms, New Functions, New Options: How Technology Enables New Models For Housing” was exactly the conversation its name suggests. A truly international panel, hosting speakers from Mexico, Israel, France, the Netherlands, and Canada who shared their projects and creative work in the housing sector.