Esteban León

October 1, 2019 — People

Head of the UN-Habitat’s Urban Resilience Global Programme

Head of the UN-Habitat’s Urban Resilience Global Programme. He has a background in economics, shelter/housing and settlements program design and management, as well as building construction and reconstruction projects in post-crisis situations and urban resilience building. He has worked in the private sector (banking, microcredit and microfinance projects in Argentina and Bolivia), NGOs (slum upgrading, building constructions and reconstruction programmes in Bolivia and Kenya) and has been working for UN-Habitat since 2002 globally but based in Nairobi, Geneva, Panama, and Barcelona.

Esteban is the Chair of the Medellin Collaboration for Urban Resilience, UN-Habitat focal point for the International Recovery Platform, the Inter-Agency Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), and the Post Conflict Needs Assessment (PCNA). He has developed, fundraised, initiated and managed projects on Disaster Management and Post conflict shelter/housing and settlements recovery in Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Pakistan, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, Georgia, Gaza, Haiti, El Salvador, Fiji and Samoa and lately Lebanon, Syria, Philippines, and Ecuador operations.

He is the Global Programme Manager of the “Making cities sustainable and resilient: Implementing the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030 at the local level” joint Programme EC DG DEVCO/UNDRR and UN-Habitat and coordinating the implementation of the Programme in Asuncion, Dakar, Maputo and Port Vila.

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