New Housing Solutions, NYC

October 1, 2018 — Events

Much of the existing and planned housing stock in North America is premised on lifestyles, technology, and power dynamics of past generations. As a result, much of our housing is unaffordable, unustainable for the planet, and unhealthy for its inhabitants.

Creating a new housing reality requires new actors, perspectives and approaches. This event and workshop showcased innovations in urban housing across North America. We convened more than 200 leaders and decision makers – from new actors in construction, design, and service sectors, to traditional practitioners and solution providers – for an interactive, creative, and inspiring event. We know there is no single innovation that will help solve our housing crisis. This event will give a holistic overview of existing housing stock and new methods of creating affordable, healthy, and community-oriented housing in modern cities. The event was curated by experts and NewCities’ Fellows, Diana Lind and Greg Lindsay.

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Featured Photo by Brandon Griggs on Unsplash.