Greenfield Cities Alliance Annual Convening

Building Citizen-centered Cities from Scratch

The event will take place at The 10th World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi, UAE on February 12th, from 2pm to 4pm. In Hall 3, room 20.

The annual convening of our Greenfield Cities Alliance will be held as a side event at the World Urban Forum 10 to discuss challenges, opportunities, and innovations in new cities.

The creation of new master-planned cities is not a new development strategy – from Alexandria, to Brasilia, to Tianjin Eco City, they have been prioritized by ambitious groups throughout history. New cities are proving grounds for experimenting with new technologies, planning approaches, and economic strategies. They represent the desire to design new ways of living.

Constructing new cities from scratch presents unprecedented opportunities to learn from past mistakes and avoid the many environmental, social, and structural problems that increasingly plague cities. Builders of new cities have the ability to create new urban environments, to ‘hardwire’ cities with features that promote walkability and social inclusion, and reduce carbon emissions and the environmental impact of urban centers. Exchange among the key visionaries, partners and builders of the world’s most innovative new city projects will allow to ensure a successful next era of human progress.

This side event at the World Urban Forum 10 aims to create a setting to share best practices and generate strategies that fuel new cities’ growth into inclusive, connected, healthy and vibrant communities. At the same time, the event will help increase the visibility of greenfield mega-developments and engage them as stakeholders within the global conversation on urbanization. The session is comprised of a panel discussion amongst experts and major actors on greenfield cities, about their specific opportunities and challenges. Each panelist will speak for a few minutes about their expertise or project. The group will then discuss and debate together and the session will end with questions and answers from the audience.

Key objectives:

  • Provide actionable steps for stakeholders to design, plan and build greenfield cities
  • Feature new cities that are going the extra mile to provide clean energy and eco-friendly environments
  • Connect the dots between global stakeholders to move on to implementation
  • Establish new quality of life metrics, from strategies for affordability, to civic participation, to engagement via digital services
  • Discover solutions for effective adaptation to climate change, and environmental protection policies and practices
  • Explore the role of culture in new cities’ innovations, plans, and strategies
  • Define the synergies between frontier technologies in achieving sustainable urban development

Please contact Jennifer Lerus-Roulez, Events Director, at for more information.