Jan Braat

October 21, 2022 — People

Senior Policy Advisor on Migration and Inclusion at the City of Utrecht

Jan Braat is a social scientist and senior policy-advisor on migration and inclusion at the city of Utrecht, one of the four major cities in the Netherlands. 

His subjects, within the department of Social Welfare, are matters of homelessness and for the last 20 years, inclusion, undocumented migrants and asylum policies. 

At the national level, Jan Braat is well known as an expert on migration issues. He initiated shelter modalities for undocumented migrants and several projects of voluntary return, the regularization program in 2009 and successfully made it happen that since beginning of 2022 the organization of language lessons became competency of the municipalities again. 

In 2016, he co-founded the Plan Einstein concept with Mrs Niene Oepkes in which refugees, Utrecht inhabitants from the neighbourhood and youngsters live, work and learn together, made possible by the Urban Innovative Action Fund of the European Commission. 

He is a member of the working group on migration and integration, participates in different European projects on Gender and integration. He is also chair of the City initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe (C-MISE) together with Oxford University and a network of 50 cities. 
He can be contacted by E-mail: j.braat@utrecht.nl