NewCities’ Masterclass Series

September 16, 2022 — Expertise, Highlight

Dive deeper into the latest urban issues with some of the world’s leading contemporary experts. This professional training program provides an insider’s guide to successful projects and policies shaping cities across the globe. It’s designed to inspire, educate, provoke debate, and offer both novel conceptual frameworks and practical tools for city-makers while addressing urban issues from a transdisciplinary and systemic lense.

2nd Edition: 2021

New Housing Solutions For A Warming World

Picture from Nightingale Housing

Cities across North America are suffering with a lack of housing supply, but replicating existing development patterns to build on the outskirts will only worsen environmental impacts. 

New Housing Solutions For a Warming World takes a deep dive into what obstacles need to be cleared, what leverage exists for systemic change, and the models we have for tackling the housing-and-climate challenge. This masterclass, aimed at practitioners in the climate and housing sector, explores the challenges in front of us and highlights actionable strategies for addressing them.

First streamed live with an international cohort of practitioners in early 2022, the Masterclass On-Demand includes four hours of pre-recorded lecture content from leading experts that you can follow at your own pace and countless additional resources to create a well-rounded learning experience.

Once you enroll, you will receive an email which grants you access to the Course Platform & content. For more information about the course, contact Holly Hixson –

1st Edition: 2020

City on a Mission:
Proximity City

Picture from Unsplash by Steven Lasry

Proximity City – or the “15-minute city” as Mayor Anne Hidalgo and urban expert Carlos Moreno have baptized it in Paris – aims to live a life more local while decarbonizing along the way.

Throughout City on a Mission: Proximity City, we unpacked the urban agenda measured in minutes, as cities around the world grapple with the need for more livable, human-scale cities post-pandemic.

Over a series of five interactive chapters, we focused on the patterns and processes underpinning urban life and explored a framework for forecasting future trends in urban mobility, housing, sustainability, finance and equity. 

Led by professionals redefining the contours of their fields, this masterclass speaks to both present-day challenges and a vision of what’s possible, helping us reimagine our urban futures – and grow our collective potential in making them a reality.

What you need to Know about the 15-min City
By Greg Lindsay & Holly Hixson