NewCities Summit 2014

Re-imagining Cities: Transforming the 21st Century Metropolis

Luminaries from across the public, private, academic and non-profit sectors flew in from around the world to the city of Dallas, United States for the NewCities Summit 2014. The Summit featured a diverse speaker program that encompassed technology, transport, the sharing economy and culture, and attracted a total of 820 participants from 51 countries for its third edition, and its first in the United States.

Inclusive Cities – Closing Town Hall Discussion

Re-imagining Cities:

Transforming the 21st Century Metropolis

Cities are increasingly dominant in the global landscape. As they compete and cooperate across borders, urban centers need to position themselves locally, nationally and globally. For most, this means difficult but essential transformation.

Reimagining means telling a new story about a city that is often centuries old. True transformation comes from applying the innovation and nimbleness of lean start-ups to a diverse community of millions. It requires common purpose, bold and inclusive leadership, an ambitious yet realistic plan – and decisive action.

What is at stake is a city’s ability to attract jobs, talented people, families and investment. Successful and lasting change needs the support and active involvement of the whole community: citizens, businesses, public leaders, the civic and philanthropic sector, entrepreneurs, and the arts.

Image courtesy of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts.


NewCities Summit 2014

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