Sébastien Turbot

Executive Director, NewCities

Sébastien Turbot is the Executive Director for the NewCities Foundation. Before his nomination, Sébastien was the Executive Director and Global Head of Content at Auditoire/TBWA in Paris, one of the most important event agencies in Europe.

He has also been the Curator of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), a massive annual event organized by the Qatar Foundation. Prior to joining Auditoire, Sébastien was Editor-in-Chief of TEDxParis, the leading Francophone Ted licensee, and curated content on topics that are shaping our world and future. He also held several senior positions in the Middle East and Central Asia. He cofounded and served as the CEO of Sayara Strategies, a top social communication and public information agency operating in Afghanistan, and designed strategies for communities of the future. Sébastien has also been a visiting professor at Sciences Po, one of the most prestigious universities in France.