Shruthi Rao

October 1, 2019 — People

Co-founder and CEO, Adapt Ready

Shruthi Rao is the co-founder and CEO of Adapt Ready. Under her leadership, the company has won major industry awards for its innovative risk intelligence platform, including “Risk-Modelling Technology of the Year”, “Excellence in Technology”, and “Best Customer Service Product” against incumbents in the insurance industry such as RMS and AIR Worldwide.

She has 20+ years of experience across diverse industries in business strategy and technology. Shruthi served as a management consultant focused on sustainability for over seven years, where she advised the C-suite of large corporations. Her work received awards and accolades, including “Audacious Idea” at the Green Enterprise IT Symposium.

Shruthi is a firm believer that good for business and good business are not mutually exclusive. Most recently, she was recognized by the Financial Times as one of “Top 50 Female Future Leaders”.

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