Wellbeing Cities 2021 | Program

May 11, 2021 — Highlight, Projects & Programs


Experts and city leaders share common goals and challenges in podcasts, webinars and keynotes.

The Wellbeing Cities initiative celebrates cities around the world transforming urban life by placing wellbeing at the heart of their policy and planning. Since 2018, the Wellbeing Cities Award has recognized more than 40 cities on all five continents and  gathered more than 1,500 global leaders and urban experts from all sectors online and in our Host City, Montreal, to move the discussion of wellbeing forward.

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threesixtyCITY PODCAST

Presenting the 2021 Wellbeing City, Bogotá, with Mayor Claudia López Hernández

Tomos Lewis sat down with Mayor Claudia López Hernández to discuss the District Care System and how she’s working towards her goal to make Bogotá a more inclusive and equitable city for all. 


Investing in a Decarbonized Urban Economy

We know that climate change poses the single greatest threat to our health, livelihoods, and cities. But how do we unravel the many pieces of our economies and industries that are deeply intertwined with unsustainable, carbon-heavy methods that brought us here in the first place? We sit down with leaders who focus on transforming infrastructure and accelerating the transition toward thriving, sustainable economies

  • Louis-Frédéric Robin, Group Director in charge of Cities & Infrastructures, ENGIE
  • Sally Longford, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, City of Nottingham
  • James A. Moore, Global Solutions Director – Cities & Places, Jacobs. 
  • Moderator: Anastasia Moloney, Latin America and Caribbean correspondent, Thomson Reuters Foundation


Unlocking Wellbeing Through Connectivity

While we’ve all been living a life more local over the last year, mobility demands have transformed dramatically in our cities, making more sustainable practices commonplace for many and underscoring the need for coexistence among modes. In this session, we sit down with leaders who are helping to decarbonize our streets, and rethinking function and form to improve life for all.

  • Francois Pitti, Head of Works Department, Bouygues Construction
  • Raj Cherubal, CEO of Chennai Smart City Limited
  • Esmeralda Byberi, Director of Free Trade Zones, Foreign Investments and Diaspora, Municipality of Tirana
  • Moderator Shreya Gadepalli, South Asia Director, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy


Rethinking Public Health

Inextricably linked with the social and economic wellbeing of communities, public health is foundational to a thriving society, yet continues to be a major challenge facing cities. In this panel, experts will discuss what we’ve learned about equity and wellbeing over the last year through the lens of an unprecedented global health pandemic.

  • Musa Hadid, Ramallah City Mayor 
  • Jaana Remes, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Diana Rodríguez Franco, Secretary of Women, City of Bogotá 
  • Anil Menon, Executive Vice President of Community and Urban Services, Sharecare
  • Moderator Reena Shukla, Deputy Health Office Director, USAID Pakistan

threesixtyCITY PODCAST

Happy, Healthy Housing

Access to affordable housing is a key component of health and wellbeing. Yet, people in cities across the globe struggle to find and secure affordable and safe housing due to lack of available units and speculative behavior in the housing market. We sit down with experts Jonathan Woetzel and Shannon Peloquin to discuss how to reimagine the provision of affordable housing and rethink our cities for all.

  • Greg Lindsay, Director of Applied Research, NewCities
  • Jonathan Woetzel, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.; Director, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Shannon Peloquin, Partner, McKinsey & Co.

threesixtyCITY PODCAST

Building Together: Supporting Cohesive Communities (FR)

Sport is a universal language. Connecting people from different backgrounds and experiences, sports and exercise can promote intercultural collaboration and friendship while stimulating physical and emotional health.
In this special episode, we sit down with our Finalist City, Strasbourg, to discuss how the social fabric, health, and wellbeing of the City are being transformed through participatory exercise and sport.

  • Jeanne Barseghian, Strasbourg City Mayor
  • Owusu Tufuor, Strasbourg Sports Deputy 
  • Flavie Halais, Journalist

threesixtyCITY PODCAST

It’s Not too Late to Act: Montréal’s Climate Plan 2020-2030 (FR)

Montréal has recently made great strides toward securing a more sustainable future for residents through adopting a comprehensive Climate Plan. The Climate Plan 2020-2030 was developed to promote a more resilient, green, carbon neutral, and inclusive city for all. In this episode, we sit down with borough Mayor of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Rabouin, to discuss the plans and initiatives that are helping the city achieve this bold vision.

  • Luc Rabouin, Maire d’arrondissement Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Ville de Montréal
  • Eliane Ubalijoro, Hub Canada Director, Future Earth & Executive Director, Sustainability in the Digital Age

threesixtyCITY PODCAST

Better Data, Better Cities

Good data is key to spurring equitable growth and promoting socio-economic vibrancy in cities. Still, cities face a myriad of challenges when it comes to collecting, monitoring, and showcasing specific needs through data that can lead to impactful place-based investment. We sit down with Valla Vakili to discuss the future of data and how cities can leverage it to maximize public good and promote health and equity post-COVID.

  • Valla Vakili, Head of Citi Ventures Studio 
  • Greg Lindsay

threesixtyCITY PODCAST

Addressing Proximity

& Urban Sprawl 

  • Hrishikesh Ballal, Founder & Lead Developer, Geodesign Hub
  • Holly Hixson, Project Coordinator, NewCities


Three Elemental Layers..
of Access with 4 Days 4 Lines 

4 Days 4 Lines catalyzes civic engagement such as audits of public transit systems, publication and dissemination of user-centered posters, neighbourhood accessibility tagging, and community ideation sessions. The workshop is facilitated in English.

  • Omer Juma, Founder, 4 Days 4 Line


Les corridors culturels avec MR-63

Frédéric Morin exposera dans cet atelier comment créer un tel espace qui utilise l’espace public comme outil de changement social-économique à travers son expérience avec la Station F-MR, ainsi que les démarches de son bâtiment permanent MR-63.

  • Frédéric Morin, Co-Founder, MR-63