WBC 2019 Winner | Milan, Italy

February 3, 2019 — Projects & Programs

Milan, Italy

2019 Category Winner Community

Milan’s bottom-up crowdfunding initiative, Civic Crowdfunding, was designed to foster the implementation of innovative public-interest projects with a high social impact. Through the pooling of public and private resources and the promotion and encouragement of citizens’ involvement in municipal policy, they are funding initiatives that work toward inclusivity, sustainability, and improved quality of life. Some examples of projects that have been selected to receive the funding include: Regenerating dismissed urban spaces, the use of technological innovations for urban connectivity, and innovation in spreading information about mobility and cultural activities.

“The initiative Civic Crowdfunding fostered 16 projects that aim to create a city without tangible and intangible barriers and, last but not least, use technological innovations for urban connectivity, developing a Human Smart City and making Milan a more inclusive and sustainable city where to live.”

Cristina Tajani, Councillor, Labour Policies, Economic Development, Commerce and Human Resources, Milan, Italy

A More Inclusive, Wellbeing City Through New Projects with a High Social Impact

by Giuseppe Sala, Mayor, Milan