Wellbeing Cities LIVE

This Summer, we’re inviting the Wellbeing Cities community to take part in a special series of online webinars and workshops. Hosted with our partners, these sessions gather a select audience to further explore current trends in urban wellbeing.


Scheduled sessions

Measuring urban wellbeing in partnership with Happy City
June 25th, 2020 – 12pm EDT

When it comes to how we assess our own wellbeing, there is no understating the importance of good urban planning, policy, and design. At both the individual and collective level, we understand that where and how we live impacts our health, quality of life, right to the city, and happiness. As our cities grow and our knowledge increases, planners and urbanists should not overlook the impact of their decisions and of our built environment on residents’ experience of urban life. And if we are to emphasize positive impacts, we need to better understand the concrete effects of policy and planning on wellbeing.

For this purpose, Happy City and NewCities are partnering to research variables of wellbeing. Our final goal is to develop a Urban Wellbeing Index to inform urban policy and practice. In order to shape our initiative and define the needs of cities in measuring wellbeing, this workshop will gather feedback from professionals in the field.

This event is upon invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please write to wellbeing@newcities.org.