The Worldwide Cycling Index

June 29, 2018 — Projects & Programs

Eco-Counter is an international organization with a passion for using data to encourage more bike and pedestrian activity to better citizen health and a cleaner environment. From New York City to San Francisco, Montreal to Paris, planners around the world trust Eco-Counter to take their project on step further.

Since 2015, Eco-Counter has released the annual Worldwide Cycling Index. The highly anticipated Index draws bike count data from nearly 3,000 automated counters across 32 countries to estimate the overall progression of bicycle traffic volumes by country and city.

Eco-Counter has partnered with NewCities to release the 2019 World Cycling Index. The results of the Index was announced at the Wellbeing Cities Forum in Montréal – a city Eco-Counter proudly calls home – on June 20. Find our more information here.

Eco-Counter’s data is a vital tool for bicycling planners and cities. The data can serve as a reliable and accurate source for informing projects and local infrastructure that contribute to increased bike activity in cities.


Featured photo by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash.