Financing Urban Infrastructure Initiative

Innovative infrastructure financing for stakeholders in the urban finance field

Globally, cities face a major investment gap in funding infrastructure projects.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, US$57 trillion will be required to finance global infrastructure between 2013 and 2030.[i] Most of those needs are in cities that are growing at an unprecedented rate.

We launched the Financing Urban Infrastructure Initiative to directly address this major challenge. The Initiative produced a practical, case-based handbook of innovative infrastructure financing models for public and private stakeholders in the urban finance field.

Dr. Julie Kim of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University joined NewCities in February 2015 as a Senior Fellow to lead the Initiative. She presented the results of her work in this year long fellowship at the Foundation’s Innovations in Urban Infrastructure Finance event in New York City, in May, 2016.

The Handbook on Urban Infrastructure was made possible with support from Cisco, Citi and Arup. The second edition, CePACs and Their Value Capture Viability in the US for Infrastructure Funding was written in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

[i] Source: “Infrastructure productivity: How to save $1 trillion a year” – January 2013.


CePACs and Their Value Capture Viability in the U.S. for Infrastructure Funding

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Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance


Senior Fellow

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Julie Kim

Senior Fellow, Financing Strategies, NewCities
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Dr. Julie Kim joined NewCities in February 2015 as the first Senior Fellow to lead our newly launched Financing Urban Infrastructure Initiative. Dr. Kim holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and is currently based at Stanford’s Global Projects Center.