Greenfield Cities Alliance

The leading global network of greenfield urban developments around the world

The preeminent catalyst for new ideas, networking, resource development, and collaboration for new city leaders, the Greenfield Cities Alliance (GCA) is the leading global network of large greenfield urban developments around the world. It is an initiative of NewCities.

The goal of this initiative is to create a setting to share best practices and generate strategies that fuel new cities’ growth into inclusive, connected, healthy and vibrant communities.

The Alliance was formally launched in Songdo, South Korea, one of the largest greenfield projects in Asia, during the NewCities Summit 2017 — the leading event on the future of the urban world.

GCA members will:

  • Gain insight into successful practices in governance, infrastructure and policy, urban design, and technology integration
  • Connect with other greenfield cities — from conception-stage to post-groundbreaking — in order to learn from one another’s experience
  • Acquire tools and critical knowledge for responding to the needs and challenges in contemporary waves of urbanization
  • Attract new residents through the adoption of innovative practices (e.g. security, tolerance, spontaneity, sustainability, creative design practicesity)
  • Improve quality of life for those living and working in greenfield cities

For more information, please see the Greenfield Cities Alliance Brochure.

To join the GCA, contact:

Olivia Onderdonk
Director of Research and Events
NewCities Foundation


Greenfield Cities Alliance

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