New Housing Solutions LIVE

October 7, 2018 — Events

This event series highlights innovative housing that better serves the needs of today’s residents. Our goal is to give a holistic overview of existing housing stock and new methods of creating affordable, healthy, and community-oriented housing in modern cities.

We explore new approaches to creating affordable housing at scale and speed, how all sectors can work together, ways that alternatives to the typical single-family home can offer health and economic benefits, and what policies and programs cities need to ensure a better housing match for contemporary lifestyles. New Housing Solutions is a NewCities trademark.

2019 Edition: New York City Highlight

Why New Housing Solutions LIVE?

This 3-day event was the first international LIVE function organized by NewCities. Due to COVID-19, the team had to postpone the two physical editions planned in Dallas and Vancouver in 2020. However, the current climate shows how pressing these issues are, and the LIVE format is a great alternative to welcome experts from all sectors to convene and discuss the urgent housing crisis, all while broadening the accessibility of our events.
In fact, as the pandemic has only further uncovered the challenges we face, we think it is absolutely essential to rethink housing and develop and implement innovations in affordability, community, and health by spreading the word about how cities, business leaders, non profit and community based organizations, and cutting edge researchers are devising innovative solutions.

What topics did we uncover?

Population growth, mass migrations, the consequences of climate change, and now, a global pandemic, have pushed cities around the world to rethink how they can offer and contribute to more accessible, affordable, safe, clean housing that fosters health, happiness, and community.

Trial and error over the past decades have proven that it’s not just about providing housing, but about providing the right housing to fit the population’s needs.
This requires new tools, partnerships, and approaches. From monitoring local real estate investments, solving the homelessness crisis, to increasing access to housing for low to medium-income households, many cities face similar challenges.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global health challenge. And across the United States, its ramifications have devastating consequences for those struggling to pay rent and mortgages. While the research has shown the relationship between housing and health for a long time, it is now more important than ever to address these challenges head on.

For the last decade, NewCities has brought people together and we are excited to continue our work, calling on new ways to engage, interact, meet, learn from each other, and work together.

Together, we will build a platform for cities, the business community, non profit and community-based organizations, and our most forward-thinking researchers to devise innovative solutions. For this event, we brought together public officials, urban planners, civic leaders, academics, finance, real estate, and investment pioneers, and more experts for a curated program of panels, workshops, and unique networking opportunities.