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What Does the Future of Mobility Look Like?

Feb 24, 2014

In the last fifteen years, notable developments have occurred within urban mobility and sustainable transportation in the United States and abroad. Owning an SUV is no longer a key element in achieving the American Dream. Paradoxically, being car-free or car-light is becoming more commonplace. Today, every major automobile manufacturer is producing compact electric vehicles (EVs).…

Beyond Flying Cars, Drones, and Congestions

Feb 20, 2014

People do not want to live in cities where the existing mobility models have reached their limits. We are yet to find smart mobility solutions, however, that truly tackle the underlying issue of urban growth versus congestion. True smart mobility goes far beyond apps that present traffic flow. We need to find solutions that reduce…

Tweet chat: Re-imagining Urban Mobility

Feb 18, 2014

Adapting and advancing urban mobility is a challenge cities face today, and will continue to face in the coming years. On February 12 we hosted a tweet chat dedicated to the issue, asking our featured guests to discuss their views on how we will, or should, move around cities in the future. Moderated by the…

Building Better Cities According to 4 Urban Experts

Feb 04, 2014

What might cities in the Global South look like in the future, and what will it take to turn ideas into reality? This question is tackled in a blog on the Huffington Post by’s Josephine d’Allant. In the blog, Josephine picks out four urban innovators who are making a difference to cities in some…

Re-imagining Cities Through Architecture, Design and Planning

Jan 20, 2014

Can architects, designers and urban planners transform our cities for the better? What are the biggest challenges they face? Do city leaders and the general public understand the role of architects in shaping our future cities? These were some of the ideas discussed in the second of our monthly NewCities Summit 2014 Tweet chats. Our…

From Commuting to Community

Dec 20, 2012

Urban traffic and the difficulties of commuting are challenging issues for cities globally, especially as the already rapid pace of urbanization continues to accelerate. Delays in the U.S. alone cost an average of 34 hours a year per commuter. Moreover, wasted fuel, carbon emissions and opportunity costs mean that in the U.S. traffic congestion costs…