New Housing Solutions

September 16, 2022 — Expertise, Highlight, Projects & Programs

Our housing initiative, “New Housing Solutions” is dedicated to understanding the challenges posed by the complex nature of urban housing across the world and exploring innovations in affordability, community, and health.

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New Housing Solutions:

Financing Innovative Approaches to Community Housing 

This A variety of housing models are working to alleviate housing suitability and affordability issues, yet the housing sector still lacks the financial means to build and replicate these solutions at scale. Combined with the growing knowledge base around how architecture and design can be leveraged to support the health and wellbeing of residents and promote resilience, the solutions to our housing challenges exist already. What’s left to solve is how to optimize the community housing sector to become more efficient and sustainable over time, enabling these models to reach more people and deliver on housing as a human right.

This edition of New Housing Solutions will: 

  • Explore leading-edge housing models being used in cities worldwide that support community, affordability, and social resilience 
  • Research and uncover design methods that increase sustainability and wellbeing for residents 
  • Investigate innovative financial collaborations and approaches that are ensuring sustainability, longevity, and replicability of these solutions


Phase 1: Identifying Innovative Solutions & Research
January – March 2023

Phase 2: Collaborative workshops
March – June 2023

Phase 3: Publish Findings Report 
September 2023

Phase 4: Host international event to highlight findings 
March 2024 

If you or your organization is interested in getting involved or partnering on this initiative, please contact the project lead at

Third Edition
NewCities’ Masterclass

New Housing Solutions For a Warming World

This masterclass, curated for practitioners in the climate and housing sectors, explores the challenges in front of us and highlights actionable strategies for addressing them. It includes four hours of pre-recorded lecture content from leading experts that you can follow at your own pace and countless additional resources to create a well-rounded learning experience.

Second Edition
Online Event, July 2020

New Housing Solutions LIVE

Population growth, mass migrations, the consequences of climate change, and now, a global pandemic, have pushed cities to rethink how they can offer more accessible, affordable, safe, clean housing that fosters health, happiness, and community.

This 3-day event was the first international LIVE function organized by NewCities to explore new tools, partnerships, and approaches with more than 350 LIVE viewers and 56 speakers. 

First Edition
In-Person Event, June 2019

New Housing Solutions NYC, USA

We know there is no single innovation that will help solve our housing crisis, creating a new reality requires new actors, perspectives, and approaches.

Over two days, we gathered more than 200 public officials, entrepreneurs, policy experts, and activists to discuss solutions to America’s mounting climate-, inequality-, and affordability crisis and identify possible paths forward for the future of the housing sector.

The event was curated by experts and NewCities’ Fellows, Diana Lind and Greg Lindsay.